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Welcome to Arham AV Systems

We, Arham AV Systems, started our company as audio & video products distributors, and have grown as a full-fledged Audio, Video, Acoustic & Stage – Architectural Lighting Partner.
Arham AV Systems is exclusive National Distributor for Symetrix, Visionary Solutions & Nedis Audio, Video Interconnect Products.
We also are the sole distributor in South India for Sennheiser, Audac, Profigold, Bandridge & Valueline.
In addition, we are also named as the authorized project partners with Leksa Stage Lighting, Harman Pro, Bose Pro & Martin Audio.
Arham AV Systems is also known as one of the few companies in India to have Audio, Video, Acoustic & Lighting Solution providers under one roof.
Having 10 years of Arham AV Systems industry experience, 1000’s of projects, 100’s of satisfied resellers, 30 highly skilled professionals with 3 registered offices in India.
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Certified Professional Audio Expertise

"Certified Professional Audio Expertise" typically refers to a designation or certification earned .

Custom System Design

"Custom System Design" typically involves the creation and implementation of specialized systems tailored to specific needs "

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These experts typically offer advice and guidance on specific topics for a set duration, providing you with quick access to professional .

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Application Areas

Our Range of Services provides audio video solutions for commercial as well as residential requirements


Integration of audio, video, acoustic and lighting elements is crucial for creating immersive and engaging movie experiences.

Pubs & Discotheque

Audio, video, acoustic and lighting elements is essential for creating an exciting and immersive environment that enhances .


Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Bars and Event Venues, the integration of audio, video, acoustic, and lighting elements is crucial for creating.

House of Worship

In houses of worship, the integration of audio, video, acoustic, and lighting elements is essential for facilitating meaningful worship experiences


Enterprises are large-scale organizations typically involved in commercial or industrial activities.


Retail audio-video refers to the sale and distribution of audio and video equipment, devices, and related products in retail .


Government audio and video refer to the use of audio and video technology by governmental entities .

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions use audio and video technology in various ways to enhance teaching, learning.

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